Subtitle search interface faults

When searching for subtitles, the movie info stays visible and ON TOP of the subtitle screen. This makes it very hard to read everything else.

BUT, the real problem is, that when you choose MANUAL SEARCH in the bottom, and enter a phrase to search for, if this comes up empty, your stuck there. You can not deselect MANUAL SEARCH to return to one of your subtitle providers, you are just stuck there…

I’m on the latest update, which I regret, since the interface is ugly. On your homepage you still showcase the original Interface, which is GENIUS. All props to OSMC, since I do think it is genius, but the interface - you just can’t get used to it.

Perhaps you can take a screenshot of it and post it here,so it would be a little plainer.
This is what I get to see when searching for subtitles

That is exactly what I have as well… as you can see, behind the movie cover and info Woman in Gold, there is the actual menu of the subtitles. In the top left you can make out ‘Diensten’ / Services and next to that the actual name of the file. In thoe bottom you can see 'Handmatige zoekopdracht '/ Manual search entry and ‘Local subtitle found’, all of which is blocked by the current movie info with beginning and endtime, duration, etc.

The movie info which is on top does not need to be there, and before the update was not there.

That is all fine, but the REAL PROBLEM starts when you select Manual search entry and come up with nothing. Then you can’t navigate back to the services on the left and are left with no choice for subtitels until a restart.

Does switching the skin to confluence help?

I think this has been fixed in the latest version of the skin. Can you try upgrading to the August update? See OSMC’s August update arrives with Kodi 15.1 - OSMC.

Yes… I think we may want to go back to the older interface.


Upgrading to the “2015.08-1” fixed this issue,well done.

Fixed it, thanks!!

When is the old interface, or at least, old LOOK, coming back? Perhaps make this a choice for everyone? Then you can also track how much it gets chosen?

Well, I noticed an other problem. When manually syncing the subtitles or the audio, the menu also stays visible, which is very annoying since you only get a small view at the movie your playing, so it is hard to sync.

This also was not the case in earlier skins… Can this be fixed as well Sam/crew? Can I help/fix this?

Can you show a screenshot again so we can see what you mean?



This one show the issues. Only half the screen is available for viewing, so syncing the sound is difficult… Same with subtitles.