Any Harmony owners know how to assign a command to execute Subtitles On/Off?

Good question. I don’t know, and I have a harmony… :slight_smile: Would be nice to know that too.

Haven’t tested myself, but isn’t there a command for that which you can assign to a key in this addon: Add-on:Keymap Editor - Official Kodi Wiki ?

If there is such a command, it should be under full screen playback.

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Thank you, that was the solution.
I assigned the Info key to Subtitles, I never considered looking under full screen playback.

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Can you give some details? Thx :slight_smile: And - how did you configure your Harmony (which device type did you use? osmc remove, Windows Keyboard?)

In keymap editor, go to subtitles under “full screen playback” and edit the key using the Info button, or your choice.

I use the OSMC - Vero 4K device in the Harmony.
Just press on Info in that device to change the function , once you’ve pressed on edit…
Hope that made sense.

Thx … I’ll check it out - as soon as I have access to the Media- Setup again.
have 3 Girls + Wife “fighting” for it on a regular base :slight_smile: