Sudden ext hd disconnection

OSMC Alpha2 and rpi. Out of a sudden, 1 or 2 hours after playing party shuffle, music stops and j started getting messages saying that my external drive partitions were unsafely disconnected and I should “safe disconnect” (or something similar) next time (lol). Does anybody know why does this happen?

Typically indicative of a power problem.

The rpi is powered from the router USB port and the HDD is directly connected to the power socket.

A HDD will take quite a lot of power as it starts, maybe an amp or more. It the power supply for this also supplies the Pi then this could overload things and cause trouble.

So you better powered your Pi with a good quality stand alone regulated power supply

@puk78 , would you say that a typical mobile phone AC to USB converter/charger/transformer would solve it?

What power socket?

the same power socket in which the tv, router, etc are plugged in.

Powering the pi by a USB socket from a router is a very poor idea. Preferably an AC to USB (like a phone charger) that supplies at least 1.5mA, the more the better here.

I’ve followed your suggestion and connected the rpi directly to a phone USB charger. So far I haven’t had any problems, everything smooth, no hiccups. The HDD keeps running. I am playing a party shuffle and will leave it all night long and tomorrow will post here the results and (hopefully and probably) close the thread!

Results: at least 10 hours runnning flawlessly. After these 10 hours, I checked again 20 hours later and the HDD was unreachable, party shuffle trying always to read the next track.
Conclusion: I am much happier, but it is not perfect.