Sudden update notification in top right corner


two days ago, I have seen sudden update notification in top up corner of the screen.
But it was not like the regular update, when new version of OSMC is released.
It was quick, just popped up saying “checking for updates” and then it download and install something. After few seconds, it was done. I am not seeing any change of OSMC operation since then, but I would like to know what it could be? Some addon autoupdate? Or OSMC have some small updates also between its major releases? If yes, is there any changelog?

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Please provide logs, and we will able to advise what was installed.

Thanks Tom.


Uploaded just now:



Can’t see any updates since 23/6, so doesn’t look anything was updated.

Thanks Tom.


Then only God know, what it has doing :slight_smile: I was just curious.
Can you pls point me, where in the logs that info about installed/updated things may be? Thanks.


What you might have seen in the to right corner might have been it’s looking for updates, getting the current package list. Looks like it’s downloading something really small.


RcBRrsRs : APT term.log
B8sj7DO8 : APT history.log


Thanks :slight_smile:
I did clean install of OSMC on 23-06-2018, and logs starting from that date too. So it can be just some update check and download package list or something small, like joakim_s suggests.

Thanks all of you :slight_smile:


Your device was probably checking for available updates when network connectivity dropped temporarily. A reboot will clear things.