Sudo apt-get update fails

I’m logged into my Pi via PuTTY and when I run sudo apt-get update, it returns this. My apartment building’s internet is open, but requires you to login through the ISPs website. And when I check the network settings page in MyOSMC, it states I’m not connected. Here are the logs. It works at my parent’s house and on my phone’s hotspot so I know it’s not a problem with the Pi or installation. So how would I go about getting it to work on my appartment’s internet?

The error says you need to authenticate. Its failing to connect as you are probably not authenticated to your ISP. Sounds a bit like the free wifi at hotels where you need to logon first via a website and then you can connect.

Depending on how you authenticate to your ISP it might be a bit painful to automate this.

Since the wired connections here don’t need to log in, I said screw it and went to my uni’s tech support and borrowed the tools to cut my only CAT5 cable in half and crimp some ends on em. Now that I have two cables I’m just going to go wired.

Better choice in the long run