lovving OSMC. Tried OpenElec, LibreElec, Raspbian, Xbian.

OSMC is slick , I prefer its interface over the others, and the deal breaker for me is the ability to tweak the system using linux based OS

But wait…

I have installed all these OSs and then just added (if not integrated into the OS) Kodi and just one add on: Simple IPTV client. Then I jet the machine settle down and monitor average load and temp across the systems as configured. I took several measurements over 2 hours. No other nodes on the LAN, incoming WAN traffic blocked via seperate firewall box, other than one incoming multicast live TV stream

LibreElec average load was 25% and 54.2C temp
OSMC average load was a whopping 8% and 45.4C

I note that LibreElec “just enough for kodi” but whats going on here. OSMC is beating it to a pulp. And for a “more fuller system” , why isnt everyone running OSMC

Well done team


Thanks for the positive report.

Our forum is usually full of users that (quite rightly) just want to get things up and running; so we don’t get a lot of positive feedback in the short term.

We appreciate these reports.

LE and OSMC performance will probably be similar under similar workloads: but if you can appreciate the Debian aspect, that’s great. Not everyone wants or needs a full Linux system. For those that do, we do our very best.



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