Support for UHD Blu-ray folder playback

Hi there.

I have some UHD Blu-ray folders that play fine on my CoreELEC Kodi box (Kodi 18.0-beta 2), but can’t play on my Vero 4K running OSMC (Kodi 18.0-beta 3). The error I get from debug is this:

DEBUG: CBlurayCallback::Logger - index_parse.c:187: index.bdmv failed signature match: expected INDX0100 got INDX0300

It appears I don’t have the latest libbluray, shouldn’t it be in my version (Kodi 18.0-beta3)? Is UHD Blu-ray folder playback supposed to be a feature of currently stable/nightly build OSMC? IF not, is there any way to fix this other than wait for a new release of OSMC?

No one? Is this really a limitation of OSMC on Vero 4k? Will I need to install CoreELEC on it to use this kinda basic feature?

I believe OSMC has its own version of libbluray which is currently based on old version 1.0.1 rather than the most recent 1.0.2.

I too have been testing menus on OSMC Kodi v18 and many don’t work as they require 1.0.2. Perhaps Sam can advise when OSMC Libbluray will be brought up to date for those of us testing Leia?

If you’re using Kodi v18; then I believe we already ship the latest libbluray.
We can definitely update this version; but we will need you to test.

@gmc – do you ship your own libbluray or are you using the version we ship in stretch?

IIRC, we were reluctant to update so we wouldn’t lose some of the 3D features.


Yes, I’m using Kodi 18:

NOTICE: Starting Kodi (18.0-BETA3). Platform: Linux ARM (Thumb) 32-bit
NOTICE: Using Release Kodi x32 build (version for Vero)
NOTICE: Kodi compiled Sep 15 2018 by GCC 6.3.0 for Linux ARM (Thumb) 32-bit version 4.9.30 (264478)

I’ll gladly test if you guys update the library, just tell me how.

I’ll include the latest version in the next nightly.


Just the latest nightly build, and it did the trick, UHD Blu-ray folder is now working. :+1:. Just need to figure out the reason for some stuttering, but that’s another topic. Thank you all!

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Hey, guys!

I was wondering if libbluray is updated on the latest stable release (December), so I can go back to it. I want to update my OSMC, just don’t know of the December update already has the Blu-ray folder play support.

Yes – it’s up to date.