Supported USB WiFi Dongles?

What are some of the currently supported chipsets for WiFi dongles? Do you have suggestions for ones that work well?

Most of the content I stream on my OSMC Raspberry Pi is SD and totally fine over WiFi. The problem is the built-in WiFi is abysmal. It currently works as long as I don’t use any other wireless devices in the area. If I do, the transfer speed drops to below 100kb/s. UGH. Any other device on the network can sustain multiple MB/sec simultaneously, so I need a better alternative.


You could try with the official one from the RPi Foundation or have a look at this handy chart.

Thank you! All the ones that I had been considering used a Realtek chipset and I saw a lot of complaints that recent OSMC builds removed that module from the kernel. A few of the ones on the wiki that say they work with OSMC are Realtek-based so I think the data is old?

So are Broadcom and Ralink designs still good for OSMC?