Switch audio language - Solved!

There does not seem to be a hotkey for that, so I followed this guide to create a keyboard.xml in ~/.kodi/userdata/keymaps$ and rebooted, but hitting k whilst playing does nothing. Please advise.

k it’s the default key for reload keymap… try to use a different button.
Otherwise on same path i have created this xml:

            <key id="61515">reloadkeymaps</key>
            <key id="61523">screenshot</key>
            <key id="2159104">activatewindow(home)</key>

Try to activate the debug and found a id for a button of your keyboards… on my 61515 it’s “k”. “2159104” it’s ALT and “61523” i din’t remember :slight_smile:

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Otherwise look here:

The correct it’s “AudioNextLanguage” try to respect the upper/lower case.


For a simple… try to use:

Well, the keymap editor creates a gen.xml, containing:


Does not do anything though…

Edit: But the stream I tested did not have multiple languages and in that case there is no visual feedback. With a stream that had, I could switch languages just fine. I guess I blindly assumed that the player would act like my TV and my old PVR. Both actually pull up a menu when you switch, whether there are multiple languages or not.

Anyway: Case closed.