Switch HDMI Port from Kodi

Hi, I currently have a Raspberry Pi setup with OSMC on a Samsung TV with CEC support.
It works awesome, especially the CEC, it automaticlly switches me to the Kodi HDMI port from cable when I send videos from my browser to stream and such…

My question is how can I switch back to the other HDMI port that runs the cable after I finish watching w/e without using the Samsung TV remote, but by the Kodi controls (I got a 2.4Ghz mini keyboard/Web interface/Kore App).

Because I know CEC can be use to send commands to Kodi from Samsung remote… What I am asking is to basically do the opposite thing and send commands of TV remote to switch HDMI source to the TV like a remote.

Thanks in advance.

This is something that the good folks over at the kodi forum would be much better qualified to answer as it doesn’t really relate to OSMC in particular, it’s a kodi dev/add-on question.