Switched from OpenELEC and got 2 questions

Hi guys, I’ve been using OpenELEC ever since I got my first Raspi.
Now I bought the Raspi 2 and decided to try OSMC because OpenELEC disappointed me with weird bugs and errors. The simple install alone seems to be worth the switch, but I’ve got some questions:

  1. On OpenELEC it was recommended to install the OS on the SD card and everything else (downloads like album covers and icons, etc…) on a USB drive called “STORAGE”
    OSMC mounts my USB drive just fine, but it doesn’t show up on the system settings. I only see the SD card there when I check the storage devices. Is OSMC installing everything on the card? Won’t it suffer from too many read/write operations? I am confused.

  2. A general Kodi question, I guess: I am connected to the Internet via LAN, yet I get horrible speeds. I’ve got 75Mbit/s download and it feels like I get like 5 or 8 at most when using Kodi. Skins take several minutes to download. Apps like Twitch or Youtube take ages to open or navigate. What gives? Can I fix it?

Thanks for any help.

Should be OK – OE may suggest this because of the ‘read-only’ filesystem.

This could be anything from a slow repository to something else. I’d suggest you try a 100MB test file and ‘wget it’ via SSH to see if your device can indeed get the speed your expecting. If it can, the problem may have just been a connection issue between wherever you were downloading from.



Several reboots later it runs silky smooth. I can install everything and it is faster than ever.
Maybe the system was working on something important in the background without displaying a notification. Who knows?

But another question:
I configured OSMC so that it downloads updates on its own but doesn’t install it until I say so.
Now I got the “Update Available” button in the upper left corner. How can I navigate to it? I’m using the XPerience1080 skin. Is that the problem?

My OSMC -> Updates -> Manual Controls -> Check for updates now.

It should then prompt you to install


Ok, I already did that too.
I guess the “Update available” button bugged out and will disappear after next reboot.

EDIT: Nevermind. Now as I switched it back to “Install automatically” it showed the prompt and booted into the installer.

It’s not a button. It’s just a notification badge to alert you that an update is available.