Switching from the OSMC-menu to film makes beamer switch resolution and seconds of film are not shown

First: I am a very happy OSMC and Vero user. I’ve been able to get the setup I wanted: Vero connected to NFS-shares through wifi, sound over bluetooth speakers, and the image projected by a beamer on a large screen.

The only little snag is: I can navigate the OSMC-menu and all’s well, but as soon as I select a video to be played the beamer goes black, reports “signal is being processed” (in the mean time the video starts playing), and only after some 10 seconds or so the beamer starts showing the film. When during playback I want to enter the menu the same thing occurs. Some seconds of black screen with “signal is being processed” before the OSMC menu is shown. Switching back to the film again results in the black “signal being processed” screen, although the film starts playing again immediately after the switch.

I am assuming OSMC is switching from one resolution to another when switching from menu to playback, which makes the beamer adjust itself, but am not at all certain.

Perhaps the beamer is the culprit here, and not OSMC at all.
But would any one have an idea whether it is possible to get rid of this “signal being processed”-black screen and the loss of visible playback?

Thank you.

It’s mostly your beamer. It happens with panels as well but doesn’t take so long.

You might try setting the GUI to the same resolution as the movie. A faff, but if you are doing a lot of pausing it might help.

And if that doesn’t help, there’s also an option in Kodi to pause playback for a (configurable) number of seconds when the display settings are changed.

For me, changing the resolution of the menu to 23.98 really helps as my Epson projector also takes up to 5 seconds to adjust to a change.

Thanks @grahamh and @Mobula for your ultra quick suggestions.
I’ll try both and report back.

The pausing of playback works.
Set it to 8 seconds.

Next I will try if I can change the resolution to the same as the film. I need to find out the resolution of the film first :thinking:

I would just keep using the pause playback… because matching the resolution and refresh rate of movies means you have to use 23.976 for the GUI which is a very bad idea as the GUI will behave very sluggish on such a low framerate.

Thanks, @Nickelig, for the advice. I’m sure you are right. For the moment I’m sticking with the 8 seconds delay to find out if that is convenient enough.

Just for my understanding though: would I have to adjust the refresh rate or the resolution of the GUI to match that of the movie? Or perhaps both?

You would need the gui set at the same frame rate and resolution… that is imo not practical for many reason, mainly because you probably have content with different resolutions and possibly even different frame rate… so one gui settings would not fit all your content… everyone has to live with the play pause delay, I use 2.5 seconds on my 4k Led TV. Some TVs are faster or slower than others when switching resolution/framerate, your beamer is probably one of the slower ones. Maybe you can lower the 8 seconds a bit, like I said it is different for every display.

The only alternative would bet settings the Vero 4k gui to 4k 60 fps and disabling auto frame rate switching… but that is imo not a good alternative either because you playing 23.976 content at 60 is suboptimal and also the Vero 4k would have to do the upscaling and not the beamer/TV.

Anyway, the culprit is always the display and never the media player. The Vero is instantly ready to play the movie and will do exactly that if you don‘t use play pause… hence the loss of some seconds on start because the Vero is already doing its job while the TV/beamer need more time.

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Indeed, that’s what is going on.
Changing resolution/refresh rate to match the movie’s resolution/refresh rate doesn’t seem practicable.

@Nickelig, thanks for your excellent advice. I’ll stick to the delay solution.
Thanks for clarifying things for me.
You’ve been very helpful.

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