Synchronize video position you stopped at for both original and symlink/hardlink?


Let’s say I have 2 folders inside of an external HD, connected to my Pi:


Let’s say i have a video in Fun, and then a symlink to the same video in Zack.

If i watch a video in the Fun folder, stop at 50mins, and then enter the Zack folder later and try to watch the symlink to the video, it doesn’t remember the original video position.

Is it possible to synchronize where I left off for both files, so that I can click either file and pick up where i left off? I’ve tried hard links and soft links and they both don’t remember the original video position.


Unclear whether this works for sources.xml as well, but see

This is probably better asked at the Kodi forum

I suspect path substitution would be the only way. Then, as far as Kodi knows, it appears to be the same file. But then without mysql and virtually two identical sources in Kodi? It really seems like you are introducing complication and for what?

alright thanks. i honestly just wanted to know if there was a type of link i could create (hard/soft/etc) that would allow kodi to read the files as the same. it wasn’t a feature request or anything. thanks fellas

Exactly what are you trying to accomplish here? This would actually create far more problems than it could possibly solve.