- cant log in


I use a lot and I found they have an XBMC plugin ( It says it is for XMBC 11 and 12 but I guess it can work on 14 too, right? However I am not able to log in via the plugin, even if I change the password to something really simple to avoid entering wrong password, it is just not working.

I wanted to ask you if you guys use and if so, how did you manage to log in in OSMC.

XBMC 11 and 12 (Eden and Frodo) are REALLY old now, and no, addons from those versions are not compatible with Kodi Helix (14) in most cases.

If Frodo is the latest version that Synopsi have an addon for I would consider their addon “abandonware”, and you should really be contacting them to see if they are working on an update to date version of the addon.

Ok thanks, I will

Edit: It says it is compatible with XBMC 13 too