System creates ghost folders

Hi all, got a weird problem here. I’m running (since a short time) osmc on a raspberry pi 2 with sickbeard, nzbget and couchpotato. All my content comes from an external USB hard drive connected to the pi. When i started out the root folder was ‘elements’ with sub dirs movies and series. For some reason my system creates copys of that root folder adding an_ after the ‘elements’ the first time or an__ the 2th time. Also some content from the sub folders are moved also so that osmc doesn’t find the files afterwards. The really strange thing is that when i check the hard drive on my pc it only shows the ‘elements’ folder and when i plug it back on the pi ‘elements_’ and ‘elements__’. I’ve checked nzbget, couchpotato and sickbeard but they show no actions in the log.

I’m guessing that the filesystem isn’t getting unmounted, so you have still an entry under /media - then, when it gets automounted again an alternative entry gets created. This can be repeated every time the filesystem isn’t unmounted before re-use.
Unfortunately this is only a guess - you’d have to confirm it, and then you coud sreps to rectify.

Sometimes when the system seems frozen i unplug the power to reboot . Could that be the cause?

Yes, that has been known to do it.

After a normal reboot the problem still exists.

Unless you remove extraneous entries from /media I think it will persist.
ISTR there was a spate of these in the past, but, with my memory, it may have been with RaspBMC - so I don’t know if anything special was recommended.
I would unmount the problem filesystem, and then check /media for odd entries.