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After a Samba problem (password request on a windows free account), I no longer have access to my files !!!

1- I reboot the Pi … since it cleans the file system … (fsck)
SEVERAL TIMES, I reboot, I put out, I turn back … ON, OFF etc
NO ! don’t work !

2- I control another computer: no problem sharing folder !
it is the Pi that fails

3- I clean the key with GParted Linux: it works !!!
(after boot “systemrescuecd” disk on my PC)

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Moral: the slightest problem unresolved at boot, so try GParted and Check / Repair

PS : don’t explain me that it’s impossible : it is !
and no, I’m not a spammer or a flooder, I juste want to help

We’ve been through this before.

This really sounds like system instability on your side. No one else seems to report this.

If it’s working for you – then great, but it’s not gospel, and I’m telling you for a fact that:

  • OSMC scans for file system corruption and will attempt to repair it on boot
  • Repeated file system corruption is often indicative of some faulty hardware (an insufficient PSU, or a faulty / incompatible SD card).
  • The Samba changes which require a password are not caused by filesystem corruption. This is a change in the default behaviour introduced by the Samba maintainers to improve security. If you search the forum you will find more info on this.
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