System freeze/crash when fast forward on video

I saw this posting (Freezing and Crash During Video Playback - #6 by feast_of_doom) and, while similar to my issue, isn’t quite the same.

Running OSMC/RPI 3 w/external HDD (3.5", 7200RPM Hitachi) thru USB.

It doesn’t happen all of the time, but often enuf when I do a fast forward (occasionally @ 8x, more often @ 16x) the pic freezes and then I discover the whole system has frozen and have to do a hard reset (cannot even access thru ssh :frowning: This happens on files viewed from the HDD (tho, iirc, may have also happened on streaming…tho, I suspect that could be outside the control of the RPI 3 sys). I added an advancedsettings.xml file to change buffering parameters and it seemed to help a bit, but doesn’t eliminate. I also kicked the CPU to 1GHz.

Any suggestions/recs to get rid of this issue? Thx and cheers…

Could be a power supply issue. What pus are you using?

What happens if you copy the file to the SD card and try ffwd from there. Does it still crash?

Also post some debug logs so we can see what the issue is.

Appreciate the fast response!!

  1. PSU meets requirements: 5V @ 2.5A, solid
  2. Hadn’t thought about sourcing a video file from the SD card…have sort of ignored it as nothing more than a bootup source.
  3. When I get a chance I’ll try the SD card suggestion and also track down/upload debug info next time I get a lockup

Thx for the help…

You have probably overclocked the CPU and pushed the PSU over the edge.

The PSU may say 5V, 2.5A but it’s probably degraded over time or not up to spec. When you say it meets the requirements, have you tested by replacing with a known good power supply?

Nope. Fairly certain the power supply is good. I have both subbed another known working supply and have actually tested the supply I’m using and it’s good. I can’t do line reg tests, but I did a load reg test and pushed the supply to 2.65A and saw 5VDC however right around 4.95-4.97V.

Reading your post, tho, made me think of something else. A couple of things I need to check out: 1. Too much Vdrop across the USB power cable (how much current is a USB-to-Micro cable rated to handle and what’s the max length before it impacts VDC at the RPI 3?) or, 2. It could be the Power supply-to-USB cable connector that might be causing problems.

Keep you posted. Thx…

This answer may not be known here (but, then again, maybe it is)…

Anyone know what the current draw(s) are for an RPI 3 @ 1 GHz and @ 1.2 GHz clock settings? Does a PSU w/2.5A cover all of the overclocking? Or is more current output required?


Ive seen the issue before with dodgy Chinese USB cables. They use low quality cables and the voltage drop across them is staggering.

The current is rarely a problem, with no peripherals the Pi draws much less than it’s rated current.

The problem with power is almost always under-voltage. The Pi requires a minimum of 5V so either requires a very low loss USB cable or a 5.2V power supply so that it gets 5V after the cable resistance has dropped some.

Most 5V power supplies are designed for devices which are powered by LiPo/LiIon batteries and require recharging, these devices require a constant current source, the Pi on the other hand requires a constant voltage source and it is much more difficult to find a supply which will maintain the full 5V at the Pi’s input irrespective of the current - most drop the voltage as the current rises.

Either find a 5.2V supply or a very high quality low loss USB cable and you should find things improve.