System hangs after latest update

I’ve been using OSMC since last year on three RPi2’s connected to a TV server that’s running Windows7 with DVBLink TV server software for satelite dish TV signals through 2 dual tuners.
OSMC is installed using DVBLink client.
One month ago OSMC install asked me to install new update and I did, after I did a image backup of the working OSMC first.
The february (2016.02-3) update was installed and after reboot OSMC started with the usual TV app loading the TV guide data. Half way through that process OSMC stopped loading this data and stopped working/wasn’t responsive to remote and Kodi remote app.
New reboot after power down didn’t solve anything; same hanging OSMC system.
Good I had the image backup so went back to the working 2016.01-1 version.
However on 2016.01-1 I sometimes experience the problem that on started system hangs trying to access PCR client.

So, any idea what has happened to TV/PVR client implementation in last update? Also any idea that I (with all versions I used to date) have when OSMC starts OVR client?

For when you ask me to show the log files. How do I get log files from a non responsive system.

Thanks in advance.

Can you still access the system via ssh? Then you can upload with grab-logs -A!

Details regarding how to access the command line interface can be found here on our Wiki:

Hello all, new user to the forum and fairly new to the RPi community. I had a functioning OSMC Kodi pi until an update about an hour ago. I can SSH into the pi and tried the commands as suggested in the comments to no avail. Was able to upload the logs:
Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

Well if you really want to get support here you first would need to uninstall all the unsupported repositories/addons you have installed.
But depending from when you have done your last update there was an upgrade of Kodi that caused a database upgrade which might have been your problem.

After new update today (OSMC Kodi 16.1 RC3) same things happen; when starting up in TV while loading guide data from database it stops/hangs. When I cancel PVR client on startup and go to desktop screen before guide loading is at the critical point, it goes on loading other data from clients on the TV server.
The critical point seems to be at the end of loading the TV guide data from the database and before loading TV guide data from the clients.

For the time being I disabled startup in TV screen and changed it to Desktop screen. Then loading is OK.

Logs are at:

Thanks in advance