TechnoTrend TTUSBIR infrared dongle with Raspberry Pi 2

hi folks,

i’m setting up a raspberry pi 2 with OSMC and can’t get my older USB infrared dongle to work. it’s from TechnoTrend (TTUSBIR). i can only find how-tos for flirc, but nothing for this particular device.

naively, i tried to choose the “ttusbir” option in MyOSMC > remotes, but of course, my remote didn’t do anything without being configured somewhere.

maybe, someone can help me here? would be really great :smiley:


meanwhile, i tried a few more things myself - but without success:

i started the kodi debug mode and checked the log file if there was any key stroke from my remotes even visible. i also tried an xbox one remote which has a pre-configured profile in MyOSMC > remotes and tested with the debug mode - without success.

so, it looks like as if my infrared dongle is missing drivers or is at least unknown to kodi. do you know how i could make the IR dongle known to kodi?