[TESTING] Bluetooth audio streaming (A2DP)


I am actually using wifi to control it using yatse.


Ok, just a thought. You will have a better experience with a USB BT dongle and disabling the on-board BT in config.txt.


Well, while using bt, I don,t use monitor. So Shouldn’t the cpu be free enough to handle both wifi and bt?


It’s not the cpu https://github.com/raspberrypi/linux/issues/1402


Thanks for the information.


i have installed the a2dp test (used devel-stretch instead jessie) on newest and updated rbp3 system.
i have found one bug again.
when the bt dongle is not plugged in, it is not possible to pair a wifi connection.
only when bt dongle is present, it is able to connect the wifi.


Does this happen with internal BT enabled and Pi re-booted? If not, it seems an unlikely situation for most.


I am just starting to get this going and i am testing this on Jessie.

I am not able to get any sound going looks like something is missing because i manage to pair my nexus 4 and my headphones but as soon as they pair they get disconnected. Weird thing is i am connected on my nexus 4 but the only selection i can share with my phone is the contacts. it almost looks like the audio is not routed .

My headphone works fine on Lubuntu 17.10 which has bluez 5.46-0ubuntu3

My logs


internal bt is disabled for the dongle, with “dtoverlay=pi3-disable-bt” in config.txt


Please upgrade to stretch and try again. Stretch is in the next release which should be with you this weekend.


i’m using this image:


Sorry I meant i was on stretch and not on Jessie.


As I use an HifiDigi+ sound card I do not like pulseaudio, I hope the bluealsa solution will be implemented soon in OSMC to be able to use my bluetooth headphone. I’ve tested bluealsa it works well with the builtin Pi3 BT. OSMC is able to connect the BT audio device (headphone), but as it’s not listed in the audio devices (probably cause aplay -l does not list it) I can’t use it to listen my music :persevere:
Thank for all.


Will be a while as bluealsa doesn’t support a2dp towards OSMC.


Will we see bluez updated in the near future ? Or is there a way we can upgrade it on osmc to test if this solves problems.

If i understand well bluez on osmc is on 5.43 released on october 2016 while now bluez is on 5.48 (released on december 2017)

I believe few device might work better and hopefully mine.


After upgrade to Stretch (OSMC Dec 2017) i can’t pair my Beast anymore.
Did i miss something?

edit: when i start pulseaudio i can pair, but without audio
edit2: pulseaudio is started after boot now, don’t know why wasn’t started on previous attempt.
Still no output


We are matching the version of BlueZ from Debian Stretch for compatibility reasons.


I am having the same problem as Beam.

Me i do not know if my bluetooth devices were working before the update to stretch because i did not test it before stretch but i think there is something missing.


Bummer! My Bluetooth-Speaker gets connected, but it’s not playing any sound anymore.
No matter if I use OSMC to connect or if I use the commandline: OSMC states that the speaker is connected and so does the speaker itself.
But no sound, not even a bit.
Updated to OSMC Stretch, never had an issue with Bluetooth Audio and OSMC Jessie…
Also my Remote stopped working, ok, nearly stopped working: the OK-button won’t be recognized anymore…
But apart from that (which still stops me from being able to use my setup - RPi3 with original touchscreen and BT-speaker and RF-remote from Pearl): wow, OSMC got a lot faster :smile:

I really hope this will be sorted out soon - or are there any suggestions?


This wants a separate post if it’s still a problem.

We’re seeing what we can do regarding the PulseAudio situation.


Asla Bluetooth doesn't work after dicember update