Thank you Sam

Hi SAM a big thank you for your help over the last day or so.
its a shame more products dont have your backing .




I have yet to come across another commercial product that has the same level of support. Glad you decided to keep the box and get it up and running. It may not be “plug-and-play” as you initially hoped but it really is the best box all-round I ever found.

Hi unfortunately i have decided to return ,even Sam agreed it was not for me ,he spent a long time today try to sort it with me but to no i have had to return it.
my problem as well is that its got to be wife friendly…and its not.
i may try the nvidia shield but again its a lot of money just to stream my films ect from my pc.
my blu ray player Sony X800 does most but wont stream some audio formats that is why i got the Vero 4K.
thanks again to all who helped and advised.
over and out

My wife (and daughter) find it easy to work with. I’ve setup all movies and series. With the metadata it’s easy for them to find what they want to watch.

But I can understand it’s not a box for everybody. I even think streaming is not really the best option for you. I used to own a couple of USB-HDD with built-in media player. Not sure if those still exist.


You’re very welcome. I appreciate your patience as we tried to get it to work. But I don’t think it’s a good fit for you and you’d be constantly fighting with it. We want to make things easier for the average bod in the future, and we plan to do that this year.

I think people would argue it’s wife friendly once set up, but if you can’t get it set up it’s not going to please anyone.

In your case SMB browsing is quite discouraged and that’s why you had some problems. Configuring a static IP address can be a bit tricky; but is quite necessary to reliably mount Windows shares.

If you had a portable hard drive, it would have been easier to plug it in to the Vero 4K, and then it would be easy to share that way.

We will continue to work on and improve SMB mounting support in the near future.

Returns are not fun for anyone, but if someone has to return something, it’s best to make the process straightforward.

I hope you can consider our products in the future.



No idea if this might help but I recently noticed that when using SMB to access a Windows 10 host by name … the host name has to be in all UPPERCASE.

Probably a bit late for that one now; but it may help some other users in the future.