The IR extender socket

I have a vero 4k+ and I will connect it into a matrix>
I am after some help with the IR extender please.

Do you have a connection diagram and what voltage it runs at 5v or 12v please?

much appreciated

Hi - it’s 5V


Hi Sam

thanks, is it a stereo or mono plug?

It’s just a mono 3.5mm connector

It should be plugged in to the port furthest away from the HDMI connector.

Are you trying to get another device to control it directly via IR?


i want to plug it into my multi room matrix, so for the moment i will use a mce remote from each room for control via IR, the distance is too much for the included remote, unfortunately because it is a nice remote.

Maybe put the dongle on a USB extention cable then you might be able to position it that it works from the other rooms.

its an idea, however because its covering 4 room upstairs and downstairs, , would it allow multiple dongles?

I doubt that. For such a think either you stick to your IR solution or alternatively you could use Yatse on your mobile phone

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i’ll will stick to IR, at home i don’t use my phone, i just ignore it, lol
thank for all your help and suggestions