The Movie DB scraping issues

I have issues when I try to scrape from The Movie DB. Seems to happen across both my Vero4K+ and rPi 3B, both with latest 2019.11-1 update. I’ve moved on both units the .kodi directory to .kodiorig to force a fresh OSMC base.

With my existing .kodi data directory and prior years of scrapes of movies, I get about ~280 titles scraped - 99% correctly. Some titles need some manual intervention to identify correctly. When I try a fresh instance as described above, I only get ~110 titles scraped and a bunch of them are incorrectly titled. Moreover, if I try to manually refresh the title, choosing either Yes or No from the local/internet prompt, the incorrect titles still do not update correctly. Really annoying.

Please advise on what may be causing this.

PS: I just installed the Universal Movie scraper and will give that a test run on my titles to see if it offers an improvement.

PPS: Quick status update - the Universal Movie scraper seems to be doing a much better job of identifying the titles. It’s still in progress so I’ll update once it completes

It would help to know the filename of a few of the problem movies. Most likely it’s the filename causing the problem. Also check if there are any .nfo files.

One of them is “Home Alone (1990) [1080p].mkv”. It consistently gets scraped as “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night” and manually trying to select Home Alone 1990 does not help at all.

Also, zero .nfo files in my directory. I solely scrape based on the name of the file, not metadata.

Hmm, that should work. I wonder if the [1080p] is a problem. I personally would name the file:

Home Alone(1990).bluray.mkv

or 1080p instead of bluray should work. If this fixes it, then it’s a problem with the scraper, so you should bring this up on the Kodi forums.

Another file out of the ~100 or so that I have issues with is “”. TheMovieDB scraper simply does not recognize it. I try a library scan and it just zips by. Something is definitely amiss with this scraper.

I don’t seem to have any issues with TVDB scraper, as all the TV shows I have are scraped correctly.

Update on the Universal Movie Scraper - works well! Recognized my whole library. I guess that because this addon has multiple sources it scrapes from more locations. It takes a lot longer to scrape than using The Movie DB as well. But I didn’t know about this addon until I looked at my addon repo as it isn’t installed by default. Maybe it can be enabled by default in future updates since MovieDB scraper seems definitely suspect.

The “Universal” scraper has its own issues. I wasn’t at all impressed by its failure to recognise “Citizen Kane (1941)”, and there are a number of other, quite well known, films in my collection that it doesn’t pick up, including The Name of the Rose, The Three Musketeers (any version!), Jackie Brown, and some films by Hitchcock, Bergman, Kurosawa, Ken Loach, etc. It doesn’t seem to know any short films, either.

Well, for me it is doing 200% better than what the MovieDB scraper is cobbling through. I do try to keep my installs as default as possible due to easier support and troubleshooting, but when these do not work as expected then alternate solutions are compelling, especially if they work.