The new "Format Device" command is not working on the new HD install

Right guys correct me if you think I’m wrong, Firstly what happens when you insert your Flash Drive, it says “Formatting Device”, then it goes on to say “Installing Files”, now the ones like myself see the box stuck on the words “Installing Files”, after waiting about ten minutes we take out the Flash Drive and reboot the box, to find the previous Good HD Install still on the box, Good you all say, but wait a minute guys, remember the first think you read, yes,** “Formatting Device”** so will you all agree with me that there lies the problem, the format is not working, because if it was the install files would work, and also we would have lost all our previous HD installs, but the fact that my old install still works proves it.** “THE FORMATTING DEVICE”** command does not work.

Hi MondeoMan

That’s exactly what I’ve also found and I think the format Device command is not run on the hard disk but on the USB stick.

Please avoid duplicate posting

There are now many posts with different, conflicting issues that just add noise but I do not see any logs of this issue yet

I will take a look at things when I get a bit of time

Sorry Sam, what log can I show you, if the old HD install is still on my box, if my format is not working, there won’t be any new log files on there.
Yes Sam you are doing a great job, I have three ATV1s on the go, and all working through your good work, the previous HD install is still working for me, and I only tried out the new install after seeing the error posts.
So keep up the good work Guys.

You should find a log on the boot partition. I will investigate an HDD installation when I get time to see if there is an issue and let you know.


On boot partition of HDD or boot partition of USB-stick? What is the name of the log file and how I can retrieve it?