There are no stupid questions

Except for this one.

I purchased a second sd card with 32g and had someone install osmc on it for me as I was having trouble doing it myself.

I purchased it in advance for a future pi3.

I test ran it in my pi2, so it has that info on the card.

Here comes the stupid part.

Once I get my pi3, and I insert the 32g card, will it update the system info and anything else from the pi2 to pi3 automatically?

I do not want to re-install osmc, it’s running pretty smooth. plus the person that helped setting up the card has moved away.

Should I have waited until I got the pi3 to use the new card instead of test driving it on the pi2? Did I mess up?

Well here comes the stupid answer, there is a great search function on this forum.

Ignore the first thread, all others should give you the answer.
Short answer, basically no issue unless you changed the clock settings.