Thin shimmer at bottom of letterbox

Getting a thin shimmering line along the bottom of the letterbox on stuff that has one. It looks to be only a handful of pixels tall but it’s distracting once you notice it, anyone know what this is?

Are you using interlaced output? That does have issues similar to what you describe.

Not sure, where’s that setting?

Settings-System-Display-Resolution. Even if you have an old TV that doesn’t do 1080p, use 720p, not 1080i.

Thanks. It was set to 1080p. I tried setting it to 2160p since my TV is 4k,but no change

Is this just on old SD content? The old subs were actually imbedded in a section of the image that was intended to be hidden with overscan. Modern TV’s will let you view the entire image so if you do that with this type of content then they will appear as white pixels dancing at the edge of the screen. If this is the case then normally they would come and go mainly with dialog.

No, it’s not that. It’s a much thinner band that subs would take up and it’s on 4k content.

That type of sub only shows as a single line, not as readable text. But if this is with 4K content this wouldn’t be the case as those only existed in interlaced content AFAIK.

Can you show us a photo of what you see?