Thumbnails not extracting for videos after December OSMC update (RPI 3)

I didn’t notice until I added a new video to my hard drive, but OSMC is no longer generating thumbnails for videos.

I’ve enabled the extract thumbnails setting and I’ve also installed fresh December updates on 2 different SD cards. Same issue with both cards.

I have an external HD connected to the pi and when I go to Videos and try to access a new video on the HD, thumbs never generate no matter how long I stay on the video.

Is the setting to generate thumbnails enabled?

Yes sir. enabled on both installs. I thought it might be the external HD, so i changed external HDs and the issue still persists.

So it’s either my pi itself (hardware) or the image i downloaded to install OSMC

Some logs may give some clues. Your thumbnails database could also be corrupt.

Sorry, I’ll attach some logs, but how could the database be corrupt on fresh installs?

Alright it’s working now.

I enabled “extract video information from files” and it started working. I was under the impression I only needed to enable “extract thumbnails from video files”. Weird.

Thanks anyway!

This is disabled by default on Pi for performance reasons. I’m glad this is now working for you.

It wasn’t clear if you’d restored a library from another device; which is why I suggested a possibly corrupt thumbnails database.