[Tips] Fix SSH login slowness

OSMC SSH takes seconds to login.


Add UseDNS no to sshd_config

sudo echo 'UseDNS no' >> /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Restart SSH

sudo systemctl restart ssh

HI @rern

This actually is the default of OSMC to be configured this way.
Unfortunately there was a bug that has prevented the right config to be set.
@sam_nazarko is currently checking ways to fix it.

It’s actually been fixed in the July update, but will only apply for new installs only.

Yes, if the DNS is not configure and/or not working, that works… :slight_smile:if DNS is working however, you don’t need that :smiley:

Another solution is to add a host in /etc/hosts Hplaptop

I’ve added the the usual ssh clients ip to hosts, so login is lightning fast