Today's update

We’ve had an update, and again system crashes, kinda par for the course reinstalling it all again. Sadly have report every update has caused issues so far :smiling_imp:

I’m sorry this has happened to you, you seem to have unluckily ended up in the minority that suffers such an issue. Though it would be nice if you could provide a bit more basic info with which we can examine in hopes of resolving such issues in the future. Otherwise the post just appears to be an irate rant. While the screenshot might provide a clue, particular models and pieces of hardware would be far more helpful. What device, specific model number of SDcard, type of install, connected peripherals?

Of course it might be difficult to obtain any logs but the following provides a template of some items we need to address problems…

Sorry reverted to OpenElec now, can’t be playing about any more my family gave me a ultimatum as they actually want to watch films, play music not watch me fiddle about for 2 hours, I know this sounds harsh and like I’m the dick but really guys I’m not actually in the minority of unlucky users it seems plenty of users are still having update issues.

Good luck for the future its the best system, I’m sure you’ll get it sorted

Yes, you actually are…
While there are a handful that have issues, there are many more thousands without problems…

Good luck to you.

Do you have a link to the previous issues? If not, then it is either an isolated issue or you have done many others a disservice by not reporting this. A reinstall is not a magical fix however, and suggests an issue with your hardware.

Without any information we won’t. OSMC is only the best because it has an excellent, supportive user base behind it. OpenELEC has not had a 6.x release with Isengard or the 4.x kernel yet. You will see a similar issue as soon as they release an update.

What peripherals do you have attached to your device? What occurred when you received this panic / what were you doing?

This does look like a hardware issue on your end and I suspect you’ll see a similar issue very soon. Please allow us to help you.


After a closer look, I see you have experienced SD card corruption. OSMC consumes more power than other distributions. An inadequate power supply can cause corruption. Once you fix this, you will have no issues.

If you wish to use another distribution that does not fully utilise your hardware’s capabilities (and thus is slower, but consumes less power), then so be it.