Top of screen darker in 3D

I am having a strange problem with the Vero 4k+ which I have never had before.
I was using an RPi3 with Libreelec before with the same files.

Whenever I start to play a 3D movie (no matter if Top-and-Bottom, Side-by-Side or an .iso) after a few seconds the top of screen gets darker than the rest. (It’s between 5-10% percent of the screen). Not such a problem in movies with letterbox bars but very distracting in full screen movies like Avatar.
Also sometimes the top half of the screen flickers during playing a 3D movie.

When I go to system settings while playing the movie and play around with the hardware acceleration or the resolution options, the top returns to normal brightness until after a few seconds or even a minute it gets darker again.

Sorry for not being more specific but this is really hard to explain.

What could it be and what can I do?

It may be related to changes to 3D playback that are discussed in this thread…

I would suggest to try the test build discussed in that thread that is forthcoming and report back if that fixed your issue.

After long extensive testing it seems that the problem is related to my TV and not the Vero 4k+.

The problem seems to coincidentally have started after I started to use the Vero but it has nothing to do with it. It seems that the power supply of my TV is getting old and is starting to have problems providing sufficient power to the panel during 3D usage.

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