OSMC seems to be exactly what I’m looking for, but I do have some issues that I can’t handle by myself (linux noob):

I’m trying to use the official 7" touchscreen with the raspi pi 3 as a control center for all my audio needs… mp3 playback and internet radio.

OSMC seems the way to go, but there have been some issues:

  1. touchscreen cannot do a right click, control for osmc seems to be remote oriented. I cannot return to the “mother” menue once i clicked. Whith a mouse there is just the right click that helps most of the time. Any way to long click the touchscreen or make a 2 finger gesture right click?
  2. If I have an internet radio going it shows the title and author of the song for some seconds, then the display turns black… untill the next song starts. is there a way to show it all the way through the song?
  3. I had OSMC installed 2 days ago, I was able to select “waveform” and some other option in the “visualisation” option when playing audio. I reinstalled as there was some kind of error and it didn’t boot anymore. Now I cannot select any visualisation at all. it just shows “no visualisation”.

Thanks for any help provided!

I also have the same issue. Was working until latest update