TP-Link Archer T2U and OSMC

Hi, I’m trying to get this wifi dongle to work with OSMC but no luck.


I think there is more than one post on that dongle already

I saw those posts but didn’t find any working solution, I will try again.

Which device are you using this on?

Raspberry Pi 2B+ and TP-Link Archer T2U

Ok, I am checking with @sam_nazarko if the adding of the ID (idVendor=148f, idProduct=761a) to the Mediatek 7610U driver actually has happen

Ok , thanks

So to verify if the driver works you could try this

unplug device

sudo modprobe mt7610u_sta
echo "148f 761a" | sudo tee /sys/module/mt7610u_sta/drivers/usb:rt2870/new_id

plug device

Ok, the option in My OSMC -> Network has showed up, but when I try to connect I’m getting connection failed.

but after rebooting osmc the option disappeard.

Well that is already a good sign. can you provide logs grab-logs -J -K

ok here:

Thats normal, the changes we made are only temporary until reboot

Generally looks good, maybe try with connman on command line to connect. Also make sure all wifi profiles under /var/lib/connman/wifi* are removed before you try to connect.

Jan 17 16:12:38 osmc wpa_supplicant[368]: wlan0: Trying to associate with ac:64:62:6f:a9:8d (SSID='Livebox-A98C' freq=5540 MHz)
Jan 17 16:12:38 osmc wpa_supplicant[368]: wlan0: Association request to the driver failed

But maybe @sam_nazarko knows if the “request to the driver failed” indicates an incompatibility or not.

On fresh install and after applying this , it worked, now need to configure this to work on every boot and reboot
@fzinken can you help with this one ? :slight_smile:

Well I am not so sure how often you are restarting. Becuase the best would be just to wait for @sam_nazarko to include the VID’s into the next update.

But if you need to reboot frequently you can try to add the following to the end of /etc/rc.local (before exit 0):

modprobe mt7610u_sta
echo "148f 761a" > /sys/module/mt7610u_sta/drivers/usb:rt2870/new_id

I’m usually turning it of and after few days turn it on to watch something :slight_smile:, I think, I can wait for the update .

@sam_nazarko any ETA on update or info if you are able to include this VID’s ?

Not yet. We move to 4.14 for Pi soon; so it will need to be done after that. If you want, you can PR it for now; but focus is on the new kernel at the moment.


what PR means?
Ok, I will for now try @fzinken suggestion to add to /etc/rc.local ( I think , I solved the problem with rc.local :slight_smile: )

Push Request, means a fix of the problem in Form of a patch against the kernel driver.

I’d also like to push request this. Don’t know the correct procedure so I’ll just leave a comment. @fzinken 's solution worked as a temporary fix though! Thanks :slight_smile: