Transfer a large across Wlan with smb

I tryed to transfer a file (size ~10GB) to the OSMC (RPI 2, HD NTFS formated, OSMC 7-1) transfer breakes down on the half of the file. So with smaler files it works without errors. Could this an network problem or is there a problem with the samba server?

Not much info to go on there… what does “transfer breaks down” mean exactly ?

Error message please ? And/or screen shots ?

Have you checked the samba log at ‘/var/log/samba/log.smbd’ ?

So changes the Wifi Dongle from 802.11n Vilros to Edimax EW-7811UTC now getting better speed from 2.7Mb/sec to ~3.1Mb/sec and no more cut offs.

So I think the for R-Pi Starter-Pack common Vilros Wifi Dongle isn’t that good (or the driver support).