Transmission writing to external drive through router

Hello i’m pretty new (and excited :smiley:) to OSMC and raspberry so i’m already excusing myself for noob questions;)

I’m using kodi to get to my files on an external drive wich is mounted in my asus router. I can play movies through SMB and an ethernet cable flawlessly.
I have installed transmission lately from the app store. I got it working, i can stop and start the service and also change settings.json file.
Now i would like to write the complete download to my external drive but i dont know what directory i have to put in.
Kodi is using WORKGROUP///.
Will it have acces the same way as Kodi if i change the settings.json like this:

“download-dir”: “/WORKGROUP///”,

Also, is it a problem that the external drive is formatted HFS+?

I would suggest not using SMB and rather use NFS. Then use a combination of auto.fs and NFS to accomplish what you want.

I also want to acces the router with my macbook and using SMB for that is much easier. Unfortunately i don’t think my router doesn’t support NFS.

You can use NFS on your mac. What router are you using? If you really don’t want to go that route (which has quicker file transfers) then the link I provided also has the directions for SMB and auto.fs.

I’m using an asus RT-N18U

Is NFS still faster than SMB when using an ethernet cable?

I only found one place that made the claim that your router can do NFS. Anyway, just go to the link I shared earler and you can setup a mount for SMB shares in OSMC using auto.fs. Once that is setup you can easily use transmission to save data to your SMB.