Transmition client

Could anybody explained me how to set and use transmition client?
I installed transmition from the osmc App Store, and I don’t know what to do next?


try connecting to the webinterface:


Thank you for answer. Sorry for stupid question, by what application I should connect to web?

I did what you say. Connected to web and started torrent.

Do you mind, I have some question else

  1. Is there an opportunity to increase download speed in transmition? My speed is about 500 kbt. So easier to download file by mtorrent windows and transfer it by cyber duck at Apple TV.
  2. Does web enter face work with iOS?


You will get more support via the Transmission forum

You may need to increase your upload slots or upload speed for a better download speed. AppleTV is quite old hardware; so if you are doing a lot, and have slow storage, then this may be why the download speed is not as fast as expected.

  1. there is a wrench in the lower left corner there you can set speed limits and other things.

  2. dont have an iOS device so i dont know