Trouble copying mkv files from ext4 drive to ntfs drive

I would like to copy some mkv 4k remuxes to an ntfs drive
I formatted the drive to ntfs and plugged into the vero thinking that this would work, but when i put the drive into the windows pc i could not access the files
I am now trying this over the network with the ntfs drive plugged into the pc and the ext4 drive in the vero but it is painfully slow 4-5 MBs
Is there a way in which i can format the drive to ntfs in the vero and just copy over the files with both drives connected to the vero and when finished the ntfs drive can be plugged into a pc with no problems

Why not just format it on the PC and then connect it to the Vero.

I did format on pc first and when i copy the files over to the drive with both drives in the vero then plug the ntfs drive into the pc i cannot open the drive in windows

That sounds strange. Can you still read it on Vero?
How are the drives being powered?

I think it may have been that i was using a usb hub, as i needed to use remote just connected both drives directly and used tv remote and it appears to be coping fine now

Both drives have their own power

Are you using the safely remove drive option before disconnecting from the Vero and moving to the PC?

Yes always use safely remove drive option
In the process of trying again now with both drives directly in the vero so hopefully this will solve it