Troubleshooting "unsafe device removal" at regular intervals?


I’ve got a USB hard drive attached to my RPi 2, which I’ve posted about previously. It’s powered separately from the Pi. I’m not sure what difference it makes but the Pi is powered by a proper 2A power supply.

It currently relies on the auto-mounting built into OSMC, producing a folder /media/usb/

Periodically (about every hour or two) the hard drive unmounts. I get a notice that says “unsafe device removal” followed by another that says it has remounted.

This is frustrating to say the least, but as I am not familiar with Linux systems, I have no idea where to start with the troubleshooting.

Are there logfiles I can access to see what’s up? If so, where?

It is almost definitely a power issue. Either the drive is not getting a good enough power supply, the Pi isn’t, or both.


Is it possible for me to establish which is more likely?

The previous configuration was that the drive was connected to my router and the Pi accessed it over the network. I didn’t have these sudden dropouts then.

Dropouts tend to be more frequent with deluged running (although not exclusively)

Best option is to have a self powered usb drive or buy a usb hub thats selfpowered cause a raspberry only has so much power the more you plugin the more issues your gonna have unless you provide another powersource