Trying to boot from sd card

installed the downloader to a brand new sd card, but vero does not find anything, the sd card dont seem to be secured in the vero, I can just take it out although its been ”clicked in” , renamimg the files and holding a pin in does not work either, it just boot into my normal installation…

I’ve heard before that the connections are upside down. please try to change the sd card, so it will be able to read.

like this or push it in further?

not like this:

yes like the first, but then totally in (mine went in entirely before i heard the click) with my nail i could get it out

contacts of the SD card have to show upwards … never seen that you can insert an SD card upside down in that depth … :thinking:

The card goes right inside the case - you may need a good fingernail to push it right in.

that what i mean, contacts up (seems to be down for me, regarding to other devices that contain sd card, which put contacts down) indeed have several devices, and they all do it differently (osmo+ contacts down, osmo pocket contacts up :wink: )

@grahamh: This might be important, now. With the Vero 4k the contacts have to show upwards … what about the Vero4k+?

I tested it just into 4K+, contacts up.

finnally :slight_smile:

All working now?

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yes, installed and working, still having problems with out of sync when playing small files, will post another log in my other post when I have time.