.ts streams via PVR simple client taking ages to load

I have bought an m3u list. all the streams are .ts
pvr simple client loads the channels, but it wasnt playing the streams at all. I’d click, wait 4-5 minutes and get nothing.
I saw somewhere that maybe I should buy the mpeg2 license.
The streams open now but they take ages to start once I click the channel.
system seems to halt and freeze completely during the wait
What could be the problem?
Thanks a lot

Well the MPEG2 license would definitely help for MPEG2 streams and some of your symptoms point into that direction. But obvious failure to play remote streams can have other reasons outside of the coverage of OSMC, therefore other than the potential solution with the MPEG2 licence not much we can help with.

Since the .ts is a ‘container’ format, would the codecinfo show what it is concealing (especially where it doesn’t play)?

Logs ?

sorry didnt quite understand what you said