Turn on RPi running OSMC when TV switches source

I have a RPi running OSMC connected to my LG UJ7507 TV, with CEC enabled. I always switch off my Kodi by using its power menu’s shut down option, and leave it plugged it, as it’s a hassle for me to get behind my TV to plug it out. But when I want to turn Kodi back on, I need to re-plug it so that it reboots. Is there a way that this can happen automatically via CEC or via some hardware?

Why not simply leave it on? It was not designed to be turned off, it is intended to run 24/7. If you are concerned about power consumption, no need to worry about $4/yr.


Huh, didn’t know that it’s designed to not be turned of, since it wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the tutorials about installing and running OSMC on this page. I appreciate your help, but would also like to get some more opinions about this.

Pi is designed to run 24/7, that’s why it doesn’t have any off/on switch. It’s not an OSMC thing.

Depending upon your location in the world, leaving a Pi on 24/7 will cost you about $5 a year in electrical costs.