Turn on tv with OSMC


Before the latest update, my tv would automatically turn on if i started a video from the Kodi remote app, but that doesn’t happen any more on none on my two Pi’s. Am I missing some new setting or something?

in kodi settings -> system -> input devices… chose “Peripherals” here you can change that… it should finde your CEC adaptor…


Thanks. I did find the menu, but the specific setting I cannot find. What’s is called?
Note: the Pi is always on, also when the tv is off. So I don’t need the TV to turn on only when the Pi does. I need the TV to turn on when something on OSMC starts playing, as it did before the update :slight_smile:

Going from memory here, but look for a CEC setting that says something about sending active source when starting playback.

The active source signal will switch a TV to the Pi’s HDMI input but on most TV’s will also turn it on if it was on standby.

Thanks. I think I can see the setting you’re talking about and it is actually on but still not working. Could it be a bug?

Try turning all devices off. Unplug the TV from power for a moment in order to clear ANY cec associations present. Turn all devices back on, allowing them all to be completely initialized BEFORE powering the pi on last.

In Raspbmc, we often saw issues with cec function between some TVs and pi when major updates to the system were made. This method often resolved these issues.

I’ll give this a try. Thanks!

Not working :confused:

Try the option “wake devices when deactivating the screensaver” and set your screen saver to a relatively short time, like 5 minutes.

Will do :slight_smile:

This did the trick. Thank you!