Turning RBPi with OSMC running Kodi into Network router

Is it possible to set up my Raspberry pi running OSMC with kodi into a wireless network router? Any help would be great! :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t recommend it. You have only one wired network interface, so would need to buy a switch, plus you’d also need a USB ethernet adapter for the WAN interface. It’s all doable but a small router would probably be a better solution.

  1. Isn’t this what the ‘tethering’ option is supposed to do?
  2. A dedicated wireless router box will have a much better range and be faster.
  3. Depends what you have in mind, though (devices, connections)

Only going to use wireless connections


  1. Doesnt tethering need another network? i didnt think it could become a hotspot and assign IP’s independently? If it can that solves my issue :stuck_out_tongue: (currently at work have to look at it tonight)
  2. Range and speed isnt an issue
  3. This is for a portable Pi with kodi on it that i can control with my phone using Kore. Ideally i would just like to carry the Pi, hard drive and phone for the setup

So it seems that you don’t want to “set up [your] Raspberry pi running OSMC with kodi into a wireless network router” though it’s still not entirely clear what you want.

If you don’t want your Pi to be a wireless network router, what do you want? Do you want to view content on your phone or simply use the phone to control Kodi, which is how it now looks? If the latter, why is bluetooth not an option?

You could try tethering but I suspect it will fail if there is no active wired ethernet connection. It seems what you want is not a router but a direct or “ad-hoc” connection.

Or you could do what I do and put everything onto a 128G SD card in the phone running kodi.

If the main point is to control kodi with the phone, it makes much more sense to enable the phone hotspot and direct osmc to connect to it. This way, the phone still has a data connection to the cellular network. If you try do this as originally suggested in this thread, the phone is then looking for internet from the pi where there is none.