TV auto wake up when turned off

I wrote about this bug on another topic but unfortunately I can’t find it so I’m opening this one…
Every time I turn off my TV and amp, OSMC turns it on after about 10-15 seconds. This issue is present from the may update, the last build that hadn’t this issue was the 2017.04-2.
These are my debug logs with libcec logs enabled. As you can see CEC is active and my config.txt file has the “hdmi_ignore_cec_init=1” line enabled. I tried every option on the cec adapter options with no luck

Thank you for your help

What other CEC devices are connected in your setup?

Maybe only the Bluray Disc player, but it’s always turned off, this is my setup:

Philips PFL5605 TV =>
=> Pioneer VSX 321 Sintoamplifier ====>
====> Sky decoder (no CEC)
====> Sony Bluray Player (always turned off)
====> Raspberry PI 3 (august update)

I didn’t change my setup, when I use the august update SD card I have the turn on issue, if I switch with the april update SD card the issue is not present

Did you try to unplug all devices from power for a certain time and then start them?

I performed all the following tests

  • All plugged in → ISSUE
  • Unplugged BD Player from sintoamplifier → ISSUE
  • Changed Raspberry HDMI port on sintomplifier → ISSUE
  • Unplugged TV output from sintoamplifier → ISSUE (obviously it turned on only the amplifier)
    - Connect Raspberry directly to TV → NO ISSUE

Then I unplugged all devices from power for a couple of minutes and reconnect only TV->amplifier->Raspberry and I have the same results written before.

I also tried a modified build of LibreELEC (this one Wake from suspend (CEC) - Page 3 - General Support - LibreELEC Forum) that includes an “updated” version of libcec, built from updated sources (sorry if these are not the correct terms, I’m not an expert :-P) and it seems to be working without waking tv up, don’t know if it could help…

Hi, any news?

No one can help?

Not sure who’s a CEC expert, I’m afraid. @sam_nazarko probably but he’s spread a bit thin.