TV Channel Crashes

You need to enable debug logging otherwise not much to see.
Suggest to enable debug logging, reboot, play channel, upload logs via SSH

Sorry, I thought logging was enabled.
Here it is again:

I have a link to try the stream: http://-/t/tvheadend/stream/channel/a4e1841d2f8040302241e6e4300ce4d9?ticket=87E6E340872A4CBCE871F0AFAF406C5E70102FBC

Nothing that I can see in the log that would explain it. Maybe someone else can see something.


@gkovacsp the url you posted requests a password so I can’t test it.
Are you able to record from the problematic channel and cause the same crash? If so then a sample file would be useful.

A recorded file does not crash.

Please try osmc/osmc as a username/password for the above link.


Here is a link to an example recording: Dropbox - File Deleted

Which unfortunately does not crash.

Is it possible that the channel has too many streams in it (24)? There are many subtitle streams (16-18).

I’ve played around with TVHeadend and figured out, that the problem is indeed the large number of Subtitle tracks. If I filter some of them out on the server side, then Kodi will play it nicely.

It is not a problem when recording to a file, because TVHeadend detects that there is no more stream space available and trims some of the subtitle streams.

It will work for me, but I guess this should be fixed in the Kodi player.


How are you able to play this stream through kodi?
I’m not succeeding in specifying the username/password, either through adding to end of url (&username=kodi&password=kodi) or when adding an IPTV network to tvheadend.

In KODI I use TVHeadend’s PVR client for streaming.
The link I’ve given to you works from VLC

In case you have the PVR add-on installed I can share the TV server with you in a PM.

The crash is in the pvr.hts addon, so not caused by kodi or osmc.
I did some minimal debugging and created an issue here:

This isn’t code I know about, so that’s probably as far as I can go, but hopefully a pvr.hts maintainer will be able to do something with the info provided.

Thanks a lot!

Just noticed… If you are running a Pi3, are you aware that you are underclocking the CPU?


That’s a great catch, thanks!

Now this is interesting.
I’ve used OSMC to overclock it, I’ve selected the Turbo mode on the interface, but Turbo sets it to 1000 Hz.

It seems it thinks my RPi is an older version. Is that possible?

Just set it to normal and then reboot. MyOSMC is not yet optimized for pi3 overclocking.

That did the trick. Thanks!

@sam_nazarko Fixes have been merged to kodi (inc Krypton branch) and pvr.hts add-on.
@gkovacsp Thanks for help in reproducing the issue. Hopefully the next Krypton build will fix this.