TV color scheme become too light!?

Hi. Until 2-3 days everything was OK (since first installation of RaspBMC/Kodi for about 1 year). I suspect that there is update of Kodi which changed the color palette but it is also possible to be hardware problem. The TV shows normal colors with Sat receiver (32" LCD Samsung). Somebody with same problem? Tried to reboot but no change. The colors seem normal after reboot but shortly after that are changed (or maybe after first run of video clip).

PS: It looks like one of colors is missing but not sure is it yellow or red.

If it is one of the colours missing, then it could be a cable/contact problem.
The first thing to try is replugging and/or changing the cable.

I also noted this some updates ago (2-3 weeks)
The issue still occurs after reinstall

@cnuut - I don’t see any post reporting this from you

Is there a bit more info?
Is this lack of colour in the skin, in the displayed videos, in the displayed pix, or, perhaps, in all.

My skin is Confluence. The colors seem wrong everywhere - in video and in main menu. Even at reboot there is strange grey background - like too light “black”.

Can you please provide a screenshot?

Is it possible to make screen shot from Kodi and how?