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Hi apologies if this seems very obvious - I am interested in buying the TV Dongle advertised in the store but the picture is not very detailed - has anyone bought one ? Does it require a TV aerial or does it work off the WiFi network to get TV shows, I currently don’t have a TV aerial and am in an area with poor network coverage.

Thanks in advance.

It’s a DVB-T stick, the T stands for terrestrial which means you need an antenna to receive the free-to-air program

Hi - thanks for coming back so quickly, thats a shame as I haven’t got one, I’ll have to think of something else - I have a couple of free to air TV apps ( BBC iPlayer etc. ) that I can get the Free view channels on, but they don’t have an EPG and of course no facility to record.

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You can get a good (digital area) in most shops; even a Tesco. That should provide a strong enough signal for it to work properly.

Is there a suggested dongle for use with OSMC/TV Headend in the States?
It sounds like the unit you have sourced for UK use saves a lot of headaches by not having issues after updates. I am attempting to get rid of my cable TV service in January , going with terrestrial as I receive 50 usable/watchable channels here with a $20 aerial, and augment with a few streaming channels, Netflix, Britbox, etc. I love my Vero, and a simple solution for adding live tv would be a great way to start out 2018.


Unfortunately we don’t have an ATSC dongle we can recommend at this time.

I don’t know about DVB-T/T-2 in the US.


HD Homerun Connect Quatro Tuner

4 tuners. Can serve multiple devices at once.

Do I need a dedicated pc for using the HD Homerun along with my Vero and a HD ATSC ANTENNA? Is it stupid simple to run. My goal is to make the quality of life better for some very unique individuals who are living in a community for artistically inclined people in retirement. Residents all have a separate sleeping quarter with 40 inch hdtv multi media a/v receiver etc. they can own a laptop, but limits to broadband.
They decided to not renegotiate on the Comcast Cable Tv contract, just keeping broadband. Clients use their personal iPhones for communication
I need a plug n play OTA PVR for OSMC that will not trequire I.T. Technicians constantly changing coding/ settings for recording/ watching local OTA HD content.

Want to go live late Feb 2018.

No dedicated machine needed.
Should be pretty simple to set up. It can be configured via TVHeadend or via the HDHomeRun add-on.