TV episodes scraped for the wrong show

Lately my OSMC has attributed new episodes of different tv-shows to just one random tv-show, which I don’t even follow or have ever downloaded or seen a single episode of.
The only way to fix this is to got to the “wrong” show’s “All episodes” listing and then choose every episode’s “Episode information” and then “Refresh”. Many times even this won’t work, and I have to delete the source alltogether and then add it again for it to be scraped.
This is highly annoying, and I’m contemplating of going over to Plex which scrapes and sorts the episodes just fine.

Can you give some example filenames of the files and let us know what they were scraped as and what they ought to have been scraped as. Also would be good to know what scraper you were using.

I’m having the same problem. When theTVDB did its first scan, it picked up results for some asian TV show. How do you get to “Episode Information”?

How about an example of one of the offending files, including the complete path?

/Copied TV Shows/Home Improvement/Season 1/Pilot.mp4

I suggest giving a good looking over.

The short answer, name your file S01E01 - Pilot.mp4.