TV Guide Issue

Not sure if this is an OSMC or KODI question, so trying here first.

I am using a DVB-T usb device, along with TVHeadend to receive terrestrial TV. Default OSMC TV Guide in sync with TVheadend EPG.

I then wanted to add to the EPG some other channels, using XMLTV internal grabber. TVHeadend EPG is showing these channels, but I cannot make OSMC TVGuide display them. I’ve tried deleting the cache, stop caching & reboot etc. The OTA channels show fine in OSMC, but the XMLTV ones don’t.

I’ve also tried installing a couple of 3rd party guides, and confirm that they can both populate from the XMLTV file itself.

Any ideas as I’m a bit stuck!


Well someone here might have an idea but I reckon you are better of on the Kodi forums.

Unfortunately those forums are down at the moment, but should be back soon enough.