TV Headend Issues

I am struggling to get TV Headend setup on my Pi running OSMC. I have an HD Homerun and it is working using the HD Homerun addon on the OSMC Box.

I am trying to setup TVH and am pointing it to the UK Hannington Station but none of my muxes are scanning. Ideas? See attached.

I have tried the wizard as well and I never get a choice to add anything but DVB-C. See attached.

I am sure I am doing something stupid. Pointers? Thanks!


Does the HDHomerun have an aerial input/tuner?

Yes, It works fine on the HD Homerun addon and on various devices in the house - Thanks!

I think you just click continue anyway.
Alternatively, I suspect HDHomerun provides some M3U list which you can use.


@sam_nazarko - The continue does not work as it does not allow me to pickup the UK stations. I will look to find a workaround. I do not use it that much - just bugging me that I cannot figure it out. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the new release!!


If you are trying to pickup OTA stations with an antenna, I think you need to set the HDHomeRun to be used by TVHeadend in “Terrestrial” mode. Select the HDHomerun in the TV Adaptors list and you should see “Advanced Settings” “Network Type”, and you will want to select “DVB-T” (I’m in North America and use cable, so I use ATSC-C)

Then the correct options and frequencies should be available for you.

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@ObvB - That was it - Boom! :slight_smile:

TVH is really powerful but the UI is a bit tough…Many thanks for the pointer!!