"TV Show" category

I see that in OSMC there is only Movies/Videos/Music/TV Shows.

TV Shows seems to be like live TV, when I go to settings.

Movies works well: it detects my Movies folder inside of my box: “/media/Movies”
Music works well: it detects my Music folder inside of my box: “/media/Music”.

However, I never see my TV shows listed on OSMC. On “Yatse” which is the Android app, I also see a “TV Shows” category, but nothing ever gets populated there.

How can I fix this?

If you have a TV tuner setup (ie live TV) then it shows up as a “TV” catagory. The “TV shows” category is where content that you had scraped as TV shows is stored. If you don’t have anything listed there then likely the reason is that you have not properly setup your source to your TV shows content in the Video section and/or setup the scraper for that file path.